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Get To Know Tudy Adler

Lifelong Marylander

Tudy was born and raised in Maryland and is a product of public schools, graduating from Northwestern in Prince George’s County. Tudy was taught at a young age about the values of hard work and community involvement. After graduating high school early, she went straight to work in the mortgage loan industry.

Later, Tudy and her husband Steve, founded Adler Big & Tall Men’s Apparel. Tudy helped build the business from the ground up, responsible for Finance, Human Resources and Technology Acquisition.

They grew the company to 23 locations across seven states, before ultimately selling the business. Tudy then transitioned to a successful career in real estate. An agent for more than 15 years, Tudy enjoys the work of meeting each client's individual needs.

During her business career, Tudy volunteered within the County; serving on The Howard County Planning Board, Plan Howard 2030, and the Howard Community College Foundation among others.

The Adlers live in Clarksville and are proud parents of two sons and seven grandchildren. The Adler children attended HCPSS schools, as do some of their grandchildren.

Tudy is running for one of the At-Large seats on the Board of Education. These two open seats represent families throughout the entire county, not just specific districts. Tudy is excited about reaching all across the county to share information and provide leadership that focuses on core education.  She will work collaboratively with other board members to prioritize neighborhood-based schools and continue the excellent support and delivery of services to the communities that need additional substructure.



It is a known fact that parents select Howard County overall as their home simply for the excellent school system. However, due to some of the direction chosen during COVID and other shifts in priorities, this sentiment is losing favor.  Based on the current lower enrollment at this time, Tudy is encouraging parents to come together and make their priorities known.  She is willing to be a voice for parents.

Now's The Time

Supported and encouraged by many, Tudy is looking to bring a business background, common-sense problem-solving, and knowledge of Howard County to help HCPSS re-focus on core education, putting the needs of students front and center.

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