A Statement Regarding Texas and SROs

My family and I are heartbroken for the loss of life last Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas. A day that will never fade from our memory. Untold heartache will last forever for the families of the innocent children and teachers so brutally murdered.

Sandy Hook elementary school was a horror our country watched unfold 10 years ago, an atrocity so inexplicable we hoped to never see again. Sadly, we were wrong.

This is now a pattern that cannot be ignored. As a community, and as leaders, we need to make some changes. Parents need to know that HCPSS will not take a chance regarding the protection of their children.

HCPSS must step up and address any vulnerability with certainty.

The Board of Education should work with all parties to get SROs in the elementary, middle, and high schools as part of our security programs.

This is doable and we should begin the effort now.

This is not about any campaign; it is about doing what is right for our children.

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