A Statement Regarding Redistricting

Rampant – and at times seemingly unchecked – growth in Howard County has led to overcrowded schools, requiring school redistricting. The 2019 redistricting process was a debacle and a textbook example of how NOT to redistrict our county’s schools. It resulted in a violation of Maryland’s Open Meetings Act, alleged bullying of one BOE member by another, distrust of the BOE, disregard of a taxpayer funded consultant’s report, exacerbation of an existing shortage in bus drivers, and continued overcrowding in schools
it was allegedly supposed to alleviate.

Parents are still trying to cope with the loss of support that resulted.

If elected to the BOE I will fight any repeat of the 2019 process.

It is important all parents, students, and community members know where each BOE candidate stands on this issue. HCPSS will experience redistricting again with the opening of High School 13 in Jessup in August of 2023, that will hold approximately1,600 students. Anticipated capital projects such as the construction of High School 14, and two elementary schools, will require further redistricting.

I believe if a child can walk to a school, that is their school. I support students attending neighborhood schools. When that isn’t possible due to overcapacity, I pledge to advocatefor the least disruptive plan. Elkridge does not have a high school. I commit to fighting for the capital funds to build High School 14 in Elkridge, so families will not have to accept dissecting their community and long bus rides to attend high school.

BOE members should always remember that reassigning students from one school to another is very disruptive and emotional for families. We should not view students as chess pieces. The process should be about proximity and capacity, not political agendas. The process should also be transparent. Confidence and trust in the BOE are at stake again and electing more of the same will garner more of the same results.

I pledge to fight for a process that is more transparent, with the guardrails of proximity and capacity, as the overarching objectives.

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