A Statement Regarding Elkridge

The excitement is building for High School #13, opening in the fall of 2023. A new school is something for Howard County to be immensely proud of!

As decisions are made on how to move students into this school, it is appropriate to visit once again the lack of a high school in Elkridge. Because there is no high school in this eastern part of the county, some high school students in this community could have a much longer bus ride than others to school #13. “It is an undue burden on this community to have attendance areas that require a significantly longer commute than any others in the feasibility study.” states Drew Roth of Elkridge. The last feasibility study proposes redistricting options that place some students on a bus for 7.5 miles, from the north end of Elkridge to high school #13.

I am in support of redistricting options that create more equitable distance for Elkridge students to their attendance schools within this study, keeping students who walk to school in place and not splitting Elkridge in half. Elkridge residents have lobbied for a high school in their region of the county for an exceptionally long time. High school #14 has been on the books with no date to begin construction. Projects often get moved, then moved again for another project deemed more urgent. Let it be said once again, Elkridge needs a high school. If I am elected to
the Howard County Board of Education, I will make this a priority.

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